5 Shocking Truth About Barefoot Wine

1. Barefoot is the best-selling wine brand in the U.S.

Barefoot Wine dominates the market, selling 22.5M cases in 2019, US$664M in U.S. for a year between 2020-2021, outshining all competitors.

2. The first Barefoot wine was created in a garage.

In 1965, Davis Bynum, a former newspaper reporter, started making wine in his garage. He created the first Barefoot wine, called Barefoot Bynum Burgundy.

3. The Barefoot Wine brand grew by supporting nonprofits.

Barefoot Wine founders, partnered with nonprofits, donating wine and time to fundraisers, growing the brand nationally through their innovative "Worthy Cause Marketing" strategy.

4. Barefoot's name is a nod to the winemaking process.

The name "Barefoot" pays homage to winemaker Davis Bynum and the traditional winemaking process of stomping grapes with bare feet to extract juice, reflecting the brand's free-spirited nature.

5. Barefoot Wine's owners had zero prior wine experience.

Entrepreneurs, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, transformed Barefoot Wine in their laundry room, has no wine industry experience.