Fun Facts About Taylor Swift And Her Wines

Taylor Swift has been making headlines lately, especially after she announced the concert in Singapore! In this post, let's talk about something fun - Taylor Swift's wine!

Can you believe that one of her fans created a Taylor Swift's Wine X (Twitter) account? just to post pictures of her with a glass of wine in her hand. What's more, there are articles discussing wine pairings for each of Taylor Swift's albums. And if you're curious about her personal wine preferences, you can find news about The Gaslighter rosé. It gained popularity after being featured in a photo with Taylor.

Is she a regular drinker?

While it is easy to spot her holding a glass of alcohol in photographs, but back to her 21 year-old, in her '60 Minutes' interview, Taylor revealed that she did not drink alcohol to get drunk, because she wanted to maintain her image and be a role model to fans.

huh? Taylor’s special habit on wine?

In the documentary film 'Miss Americana', Taylor Swift is shown enjoying a glass of white wine with ice. This has really resonated with some of her fans who feel validated by her choice of beverage.

The secret in her songs..

You may have noticed that Taylor Swift often references wine in her lyrics.

For example,

in 'Blank Space' she sings 'I get drunk on jealousy’;
in 'Endgame' she says 'Your eyes are liquor, your body is gold’;
and in 'Gorgeous' she sings 'Get drunk and make fun of the way you talk'.

She also mentions drinking in 'London Boy' and 'New Year's Day', and offers to make a drink in 'Delicate'.

Credit: shutterstock image