Eco-Friendly Wine Industry: Paper Bottles & Sustainable Practices

The recently implemented "Environmental Responsibility Act" has prompted businesses to stop providing disposable utensils or switch from plastic cup lids to paper ones, sparking lively discussions among the public. 

Talking about eco-friendly, the wine industry has adopted several noteworthy practices to promote environmental conservation for years.

Paper Wine Bottle

A popular UK wine brand "When in Rome" applied paper wine bottles on their produce. They are vegan-friendly, around 83g/bottle, 100% recyclable, and have low CO₂ emissions. With a mission to decarbonise the wine industry, When in Rome has just achieved B Corp Certification.

Bag-in-box package

As early as 1960, bag-in-box packaging for beverages emerged, and around the 1970s, there was an interest in boxed red wine. It offered good wine quality preservation, longer shelf life, reduced environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness due to lower packaging waste and carbon emissions.

Sustainable winemaking Process

Yealands Wine is a New Zealand brand located in the Marlborough region. Known for sustainable wine production and has received international recognition for its environmentally friendly practices, such as using renewable energy sources, water conservation, and biodiversity preservation.