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Laguiole en Aubrac Handmade Oak Handle Sommelier Knife

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Laguiole en Aubrac

About Laguiole en Aubrac

Laguiole knives were originally high-quality traditional Occitan pocket-knife made in the French village of Laguiole (pronounced "Layole") Aveyron, a region of southern France.

The Laguiole-en-Aubrac are one of the famous brand and they are attested by the LOG stamp (Laguiole Origine Garantie) engraved on the heel of the blade.

The elegance of Laguiole’s original line allows Laguiole-en-Aubrac cutlers multiple variations. The variety and beauty of natural materials remain their main sources of inspiration. 

Unique craftsmanship

These corkscrews are handmade by highly skilled artisans in the vicinity of Laguiole (region of Aubrac) in accordance with the region's knife-making traditions. Each one is handmade by a single craftsman over hundred processes, and each one is a unique work of art. Exquisitely shaped and perfectly balanced, with a design that has been refined by generations of artisans.

Hand decoration with special “Bees”

One trademark of a true Laguiole knife is an “Bee” forged on the spring. It was hand decoration by craftsmen which represent high quality and unique. And what distinguishes true craftmanship from mass production and guarantees the unique qualities of each knife. 

Hand decoration with special “Bees